8 Date Night Tips for Moms and Dads

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Is quality time with your significant other hard to come by? Get some quality time for you and your significant other with these date night tips and ideas that won’t break the bank.

Carving out time in your busy schedules to maintain your romantic relationships is hard enough without having to find and afford childcare on top of the expense of the actual date. So what’s a woman to do? Follow these tips for getting some quality time with your significant other.

  1. Alternate childcare with another couple. Forgo the worry and expense of appropriate childcare by trading babysitting duty one night each month with another set of parents. While you’re out on your date, you can rest assured your children are in good hands and your bank account is not in the red.
  2. Coupons are a woman’s (and family’s) best friend. There are numerous websites, apps, magazines, newspapers and other mailings that offer coupons for dining out inexpensively at restaurants and events—oftentimes on weeknights. Use these money-savers to take your honey out on the town and enjoy a quiet night together.
  3. Eating in is not for the birds. Eating at home and packing lunches during the week instead of eating out can save you hundreds of dollars a month—a portion of which can go toward date nights or day adventures with your significant other. Another option is to stay at home and cook your favorite meal and dessert together—maybe even splurge on an item, such as a nice bottle of wine, to pair with your gourmet meal.
  4. Get outside. Take a leisurely walk in your neighborhood, or research walking, hiking or biking trails near you. Haven’t taken your bikes for a spin recently? You may have forgotten how fun it can be.
  5. Look into free or cheap local attractions or community events. Your community may offer cooking classes, wine tastings or even tourist attractions you haven’t visited yet.
  6. Partner up. If you and your significant other divide and conquer, you can get the kids to bed early, the kitchen cleaned up and everything prepared for the next day all in time to enjoy popcorn and a movie on your own couch.
  7. Simple is good. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to enjoy good quality time with your significant other. Have a peaceful picnic at a local park or at an outdoor movie or concert venue.
  8. Turn off distractions. Give your significant other undivided attention—an essential component to a healthy, lasting relationship—by turning off your phone and unplugging from the internet and social media.

Relationships don’t cost much beyond attention, care, effort and time. Invest in your relationship by spending money and resources wisely and giving your significant other the ultimate gift: uninterrupted time with and attention from you.

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